Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions govern the relationship between members and / or clients of Navvi.bg. By clicking on an object, a picture, a link (other than that of the General Terms) or a button located on the website: www.Navvi.bg, it is considered that you accept or agree to the Terms and Conditions described below.


Navvi.bg- "Nematex" EOOD, a trade company, duly registered according to the requirements of the Bulgarian legislation, with headquarters and registered office at Plovdiv, Orlovets Str., UIC 115637349

The websitewww.navvi.bg owned by Nematex Ltd.

The content has the following definition:

  • All information on the website that can be viewed using an electronic device;
  • The contents of all emails sent to USER and CUSTOMER by Navvi.bg by electronic means and / or any other means of communication;
  • Any other information to a USER or CLIENT received by an employee of Navvi.bg, regardless of the way of communication;
  • Information related to products, services and / or fees applied by Navvi.bg in a given period;
  • Information related to products, services and / or fees applied by third parties with which Navvi.bg has a partnership established within a certain period;
  • Information related to Navvi.bg or any information with Navvi.bg source.

Service - Ecommerce service performed on publicly accessible parts of the website in order to enable the customer to purchase products and / or services using only electronic means, including means of distance communication (eg telephone, standard letter, internet , e-mail, etc.).

Member - a public or private or legal person who owns or gains access to the CONTENT by any means of communication (electronic, telephone, etc.) or based on the use of an agreement between Navvi.bg and third parties, which requires the creation and use of PROFIL.

Profil – element consisting of an e-mail address and password that allow only one MEMBER to reach limited parts of the website and through which the SERVICES are available.

Client – a public or private or legal person who owns or gains access to the CONTENT or SERVICES after the creation of a MEMBER PROFILE.

Document – Current Terms and Conditions.

Distance sales contract - any contract concluded on the basis of a proposal by the supplier / Navvi.bg / to the consumer as part of a system for the sale of goods or the provision of services where, from the date of submission of the offer to the conclusion of the contract, the parties are not in physical contact with each other.

Brochure / Notificati - Currently, information tools, mainly electronic, related to products, services at partner sites or promotions offered by Navvi.bg at a certain time, without linking Navvi.bg with the information provided.

Transaction – Collection or recovery of funds resulting from the sale of a product or service by Navvi.bg to the CLIENT.


2.1. This Document defines the general terms and conditions under which a Member or a Client may use the Website / Content / Services in the event that no other valid agreement exists between Navvi.bg and the Member / Client.

2.2. The use, including but not limited to, access, visit, and review of the Content / Services implies that the Member or the Client adheres to these terms and conditions, except when the content is subject to special terms.

2.3. Access to the Services is possible only through the publicly accessible website www.Navvi.bg

2.4. By using the Website / Content / Services, the CLIENT or the CUSTOMER is solely responsible for any consequences arising from such use. In addition, the CLIENT or the CLIENT is responsible for any material, intellectual, electronic or any other damages caused to the Website / Content / Services, Navvi.bg or any other person with whom Navvi.bg has a contract for joint activity or to provide services under Bulgarian law.

2.5. If the Member or Customer does not agree and / or does not accept and / or cancel their agreement to this document:

  • 2.5.1. He / She waives access to: Services; other Services Navvi.bg offers through its website; receipt of Brochures / Notices or other communication from Navvi.bg (electronic, telephone, etc.) without any additional guarantee from Navvi.bg.
  • 2.5.2. Navvi.bg will delete all personal information from its database without any subsequent obligations from one party to the other and without any party being liable for damages to the other
  • 2.5.3. It may at any time change its decision to accept or reject this document as it is available at the time of the decision.

2.6. The Customer / Member may at any time agree and accept the document as it is available at that time.

2.7. In order to exercise the right described in Art. 2.5, the Member / Customer may contact Navvi.bg or use the Internet links it has received from Navvi.bg for this purpose.

2.8. The Client may not withdraw his / her retroactive consent for this document while a contractual relationship is in effect, or until he / she has repaid all the funds due under contract to Navvi.bg.

2.9. If the Customer has paid all due funds to Navvi.bg and withdraws the consent for this document at the time of the Order, Navvi.bg will terminate the order without incurring any additional obligations and without any party being liable for any damages incurred.

2.10. This Website is addressed only to Members who have attained the age of 18 who are duly registered and have not been rejected by Navvi.bg, regardless of the reason. Membership means that the Customer / Member is an adult (he / she is 18 years old).


3.1. All content, including but not limited to static images, dynamic images, text and / or multimedia content posted on the Website, are owned by Navvi.bg or third parties, in which case the content may be accompanied by a reference to its property, which Navvi.bg is licensed to use.

3.2.Member or Customer may not copy, transfer, modify or make any alterations, uses, links, exhibits, includes any Content in any context other than Navvi.bg, including any content on the Website outside of Navvi.bg, removing images, brands, distribution of materials prepared for reproduction, modification or display of content without the explicit consent of Navvi.bg.

3.3. Any Content to which a Member or Client has or receives access is protected by the Document unless the content is accompanied by a special and duly granted consent to use between Navvi.bg and the Member or the Client or any other party or there is no explicit mention by Navvi.bg to the content for use.

3.4. Member or Client may only copy, transfer and / or use the Content for their personal and non-commercial purposes, but only if they are not inconsistent with the provisions of the Document.

3.5. If Navvi.bg gives a Member or Client the right to use Content under a separate agreement to which the Member / Client has or acquires access other than that described in this document, the right extends only to the content defined in the agreement only while the content is available on the Website or within the period agreed in the Agreement under the terms and conditions set forth in the Agreement only if it exists and does not constitute confidential information provided by Navvi.bg to that Member, the Client or other third parties.

3.6. No Content transferred to a Member or Client through any communication channels (electronic, telephone, etc.) or acquired by a Member or Client by accessing, visiting or viewing it does not constitute a contractual obligation to Navvi.bg and / or the employee of Navvi.bg, which made the transfer of the content in the cases where it is known and is related to the given content.

3.7. Any use of Content for purposes other than those expressly mentioned in this document or in any other accompanying document, if any, is prohibited.


4.1. Navvi.bg publishes on its website its full and accurate identification data as well as the contact details of a Member or a Client.

4.2. By using the contact form provided on the Website, the Member or the Client allows Navvi.bg to contact him using the available means, including electronically.

4.3. Partially or completely filling out the contact form does not oblige Navvi.bg to contact the Customer or the Customer.

4.4. Access to the website, the use of the information presented, the visit to its pages or the sending of e-mail notifications addressed to Navvi.bg shall be done electronically, by telephone or other means available to the Member or the Client, which constitutes a presumption that the Member or the Client agrees to receive notifications from Navvi.bg electronically and / or by telephone, including e-mail communications or web site announcements.

4.5. Navvi.bg reserves the right not to respond to all requests of any kind received by any means (electronic way, telephone, etc.).


5.1. When a Member or Client creates an Account and accepting the Terms and Conditions, he also agrees by default to receive Brochures and / or Notices from Navvi.bg.

5.2. All information received from a Member or Customer in order to send Brochures and / or Notices will be used by Navvi.bg within the confidentiality policy frameworks.

5.3. The refusal to receive Brochures and / or Notices by a Member or Customer may be made at any time:

  • 5.3.1. By using the specially made Internet connection contained in each Brochure and / or Notice.
  • 5.3.2. By refusing to receive Brochures and / or Notices using the restricted pages in the special section of the Profile.
  • 5.3.3. By contacting Navvi.bg according to your contact details and without any further obligation from one party to the other and without each party being liable for any damages whatsoever.

5.4. The refusal to receive Brochures and / or Notifications does not imply that the Customer or the Member rejects, amends or refuses to accept the Document.

5.5. Navvi.bg reserves the right to choose to whom to send Brochures and / or Notices and to remove from its database a Member or Customer who has given his / her consent to receive Brochures and / or Notices without any future commitments from Navvi .bg or additional notice.

5.6. Navvi.bg will not include in the Brochures and / or Notices to a Member or Client any other advertising information relating to third parties not affiliated with Navvi.bg at the time of sending the Brochure and / or the Notice.