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  1. Can you wash shoes in a washing machine? 
    NAVVI shoes are made of natural leather and natural materials, so they can not be washed in the washing machine. Due to the specifics of the processing of leather, laundry and centrifugation in washing machines, it can lead to a change in the shape, color and structure of the shoe. Therefore, it is better to clean and dry daily with a dry cloth or brush and periodically use detergents for the maintenance of natural leather. Shoes that can be washed in a washing machine are only sports and made of synthetic materials. 
  2. How are suede shoes maintained? 
    Suede is a genuine leather with the same qualities as facial skin. Modern technologies allow the processing of suede as strength, water resistance and color not to give way to the face skin in any way. Daily care for suede shoes is the use of a damp cloth, and the best sponge soaked in a colorless detergent specially created for this type of shoes (they are available in all major stores). There are many manufacturers of preparations for maintaining this type of skin. 
  3. How to maintain colored shoes?
    For the daily maintenance of shoes from colored nabucs and suede, a brush is most often used. When the contamination is stronger and visible, a special foam is used, which removes dirt without changing the color and structure of the nubucka and suede. When the shoe appears abrasion or abrasion, this problem can be eliminated with sprays for the specified type of material (nubuck, suede, leather) in the same color. There are many manufacturers of preparations for maintaining this type of shoes. 
  4. How to dry shoes? 
    Like all natural materials, it is quite normal when wearing in rainy and slushy weather, shoes after a certain time absorb a certain amount of moisture. The removal of this moisture should be done naturally at room temperature.In no case do not use heating appliances for their drying!Manufacturers of shoe preparations offer impregnating sprays to increase the water resistance of the skin. 
  5. Why are your insoles not glued?
    As we strive for maximum comfort and convenience of the customer, our insoles are made of fusbet type. On the leather insole from below is placed a special softening material, providing comfort. At the same time, they can be replaceable with other anatomical insoles at the request of the customer. We apologize for the discomfort caused to some of the customers, but this type of insole has more advantages than disadvantages. 
Useful tips:
  1. Give rest to your shoes for at least two days during the week, so they will restore their shape and normalize their moisture content. This guarantees them a much longer life. 
  2. Always before using any shoe detergent, we advise you to make a light sample from the inside underside of the shoe. 
  3. Shoes made entirely of genuine leather, it would not be a problem to wear without socks. 
  4. If your leg is thinner/weak and does not occupy the entire volume of the shoe, it is desirable to put an additional insole that will rob the volume of the shoe and extend its life. 

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